EDA Performance Optimization

edalics’ EDA Performance Optimization:

  • Analysis of license usage data, checked versus list of proven efficiencies
  • Optimize EDA licenses sharing efficiency based on agreed recommendations
  • Reduce job runtimes and license bottlenecks
  • Determine true (reduced) pool size needs
  • Add an external expert EDA market perspective

Key Benefits:

  1. Over 20% EDA Budget Savings on average with clients to date
  2. Improve performance / productivity of your EDA tools suite
  3. Know-how transfer: usage analysis and EDA market perspective
  4. Better design productivity: shorter job run times and less bottlenecks
  5. Reduced workload at remix and renewal times for busy CAD / IC design team managers.

EDA Performance Optimization service summary:

  • EDA agreements renewals optimization to meet design enablement requirements
  • Proprietary analysis of FlexNet Licensing (FLEXlm) log file license usage data
  • Report summarizing analysis and recommending license sharing efficiencies
  • Review each quarter together with the internal EDA management team
  • Agreed recommendations implemented to align the EDA tools configuration to the latest company needs with a reduced license pool size
  • Alternative EDA software tool options discussed at the quarterly reviews

To request more information, please email: ManageEDA@edalics.com